Qualified, targeted and customized training programs.

Our consulting activity extends to the offer of qualified training in customs, transport and shipping matters. The proposal consists of a path at the beginning of which there is an accurate analysis of the customer’s needs, on the basis of which we develop targeted interventions, with training sessions carried out both at the headquarters of the same and via webinar. Our courses are customizable, designed to offer training responses perfectly adhering to the specific needs of the companies that come to us and provide concrete support for their development. Here are the topics covered:

  • Introduction to Customs, the sources of customs law and international agreements;
  • Customs offices structure;
  • Origin of the goods;
  • Classification of goods and TARIC;
  • Authorized Economic Operator (AEO);
  • Customs authorizations;
  • Customs regimes and special regimes;
  • VAT in foreign exchanges;
  • Customs debt – Assessment – Litigation;
  • Transport and maritime shipping;
  • Transport and air shipments;
  • Road transport and shipping – Intermodal;
  • Contracts and Documentary Credits;
  • Insurance