Proper customs planning is of primary importance.  It must be done in advance, both for strategic reasons and also to prevent problems, especially those that are already too late to solve when they appear. Our advice, directed primarily to the sales and accounting departments of companies, can turn possible obstacles into advantages. It is of fundamental importance to accurately determine the origin of goods, plan routes on the basis of advantageous global handling agreements and even obtain net profits in the form of customs refunds for some product classes. Through our computer system we interact with the Customs Agency and represent our clients during all customs operations ranging from simple final operations and transit procedures to special regimes. We are customs accredited and our warehouses are classified as “authorised places”. We manage customs activities directly from our offices without physically moving the goods which remain with the exporter. We offer our customs outsourcing service to the best organised companies, placing our trained personnel in their logistics departments. Our A.E.O. (AEOF) status gives us special privileges and advantages: maximum cargo safety, less controls at customs and a preferential lane during customs activities. If issues should arise that need to be quickly solved, such as Customs Agency fines, we offer our expert assistance for these tax cases.