Our warehouse as an interactive operations centre.

Our warehouse is the hub of our logistics work. It is built on a surface area of 20,000 m2 in a strategic location with respect to important European ports and airports. The goods our clients entrust us with, all of which are insured, are constantly monitored here by means of a closed-circuit video monitoring system. The hub of a state-of-the-art logistics centre, our warehouse is organised so that goods can continuously enter and exit the premises. Every move can be traced from our clients’ monitors so that they can check where their consignments are in real time. We didn’t want our warehouse to be just a place where goods sit while they are waiting to leave for their destination. Ours has been built as an extension of our clients’ production plants, a place where final assemblies can be performed, consignments can be picked up and rearranged, quality can be controlled, goods can be sorted and packed and much more can be done.